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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

The last weeks where very strange in quite good ways for me, but also bad for my amateur radio activities. Lack of time or no time for interest in my hobby made me unable to move anything in this field.

But things will rearange in the next days or weeks and I hope to make the next ones before the end of 2011:

– 70MHz 25W experimental PA  (used this year) to be recreated in a more “industrial style”

– 70cm Transverter to be modified/ moved in  a new aluminium box

– HF+50MHz push pull PA or 2m 100W/12V PA project with 2x2SC2630 to be started

– analyze and improvement of all y actual transverters for 50/70/144/432MHz

– final improvementsof the minitransceiver for transverters

I think it is enough.

For 2012:

– finishing 40~50V Power Supply for HF PA

– new HF/VHF antennas (hope for a good multiband VHF Yagi)

– rotator direction automation

– putting up antennas

– all-mode all-band HF-VHF-UHF transceiver design improvements and implementation

– little QRP transceiver, ultrasimple at low voltage supply, ultralight, for portable beer operations 🙂 — when I cannot carry bigger equipements with the bike


As a result of my activity on 70MHz some of those who worked with me on 4m sent me QSL’s directly to my official Call Book address.

One problem that I discovered is that the envelopes are opened by others… and of course they don’t get to me anymore if they contain money. It’s because the only QSL i have received just today is that from Klaus – DJ9YE. It was already opened. It contained an IRC card so maybe thats why it is the only one getting in my hands. The postal box is shared, so …. thats where the theft apears.

I’ve already aranged with my friend Zsolt – YO5PCP to receive direct QSL’s for me. So if anybody wants to send me directly the QSL please use Zsolt’s address.   Thanks!


In the last weeks I was very busy helping a newbie in radio field, a nice boy, to get his licence in Electronics, so we made a home made repeater for 2m in record time from A to almost Z. It is  functional but needs  a power amplifier.

Propagation on 4m was almost absent here, also on 6m last weeks but I also was maybe in lack off time to fully test this bands potential.

After having a GP, than some kind of half wave vertical than an horizontal dipole at 1,5m in front of my window I’ve decided to try something else.

With the horizontal dipole it worked well but only exclusively on 4m and only on some limited paths. I mean I worked a bunch of G / ON stations on June 27, 2011.

Than rapidly decided to try a 5/8 wavelenght vertical. I put a 2,5 m vertical radioator made from 1m / 0,5m aluminium tubes, and the 1,5m horizontal boom as “counterpoise”. Also as counterpoises i used 2 more 30cm long aluminium tubes that you can find in laser  printers. The matching coil was made in the most simple way, without tap. This way this antenna gives some efficiency also on 6m and HF. I made the coil based on empiric calculations, but it demonstrated very low SWR at least on 70MHz (1,5:1 max.) and more than 3:1 on 6m and HF.


So I worked sporadicly but look at this:

– after finishing the antenna  and without propagation on 4m i worked with 25W on 14MHz with poor propagation some stations who gaved me 559-579,answering me from the first call. I also worked a QRP station.(UA, PA, DL, SM)

– on 6meters looks like it is better than a 1/4 wl vertical dedicated for 50MHz. Wow! I worked a new one if i don;t have it already (A45XR)

– on 2m it doesn’t work… as I’ve seen until now. I think the coil acts like a choke.

– I worked for fun in IARU HF 2011 for three hours, made 85 QSO / QRP  with european stations but also from Africa and Asia. Worked well not just on 20m but also on 15m and 10m bands with the same 70MHz antenna :-).

– on 4m few openings but worked 2 new DXCC’s: Mike – SV5BYR and today Tony – GW8ASD.

  •  Today I’ve changed once again the only antenna that i use now, mounted 1.5m near the window: from vertical to horizontal dipole for 70MHz. Hope to hear more this way, but anyways, from 3rd floor (from 4) visibility is only to East Europe… where no activity on 4meters — still, this way I may work next time I (hope to) hear Dave, A92IO — available since this year on this band. The very bad news is that the Broadcast signals that I receive just near 70.200 and a little bit lower in the band increased…
  • In the last 3 weeks the Es propagation was wery weak (almost zero for a month like June) in here so I hope for strong signals in the next 3 months! HI!
  • After a year of inactivity, is back on the web. I will not update the site very soon. I managed to put it up on a new server but dissapointed because of problems I had with previous hosts… I’m waiting to see if the problems reapear until any new upgrade or update.

A nice sunny day until I packed all necesary things except one of the most important — the Keyer. The clouds arived just when with my friend Zsolt — YO5PCP started in a little search for a nice – opened location near my town (Baia Mare), good for VHF portable operating this summer (see the photo album below). Of course we have a lot of very nice views near, but with pure luck we discovered this one (in the images below) at only about 8km away from my base location.

I was prepared with the little CW-SSB transceiver that I’ve created some days ago for use with transverters, a 12V-7Ah gell battery, transverters for 50MHz and 70MHz and a vertical aluminium antena mounted on a tripod at about 2 meters above ground.

I was dissapointed to hear some stations from Israel on 6m (CW) and not to have the precious keyer around.

Than, with a booming SSB signal apeared on the band Mike, SV5BYR. I called him just with about 3-4watts, with the antenna in a random position (as we where preparing to go), in hands of Zsolt. We exchanged a short report.

This was just a search, just a little test (half hour). We can get here easy by bikes, with “easy” load… Equipement and antenna are about 5kg weight and the beer 2,5 ~ 5Kg too.No other stuff needed.

(Click to enlarge images)

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FSK beacons are fantastic and useless sometimes. Having constant carrier may be usefull for RF preamps alignment. Also this beacons have a very musical sound and I always enjoy Jean Michel Jarre not only on my Technics Hi-Fi speakers but also on 6m or 4m. Otherwise when trying to copy them if the signal is very weak it takes tens of minutes to guess what’s the callsign.

Now, the basic CW (A1A) beacons that transmit an unusual long dash between messages are very hard to find within  a VHF spectrum crowded with hundreds of “birdies” flying from my LCD display (that I close everytime I do a band scan!), my neighbor computer or other digital equipments or bad CATV cabling. A very long dash is also good when QSB is just “excellent” and the only thing that you miss is the important… short message .

I may be the only one with this problems, because I’m special. 🙂

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I woke early… about 8.00 UTC :-). Than I made the PCB (design, painting, drilling etc.) for a new digital counter for my new 10m CW-SSB portable Transceiver for Transverters. I’m redesigning some units because I’ve just cut the box about 30% :-)).

Than I begun to solder the wires… But I did the mistake to look at the cluster. All the signs were positive that today I’ll see some nice propagation on VHF.

YO5PBG frequency counter

I heard difrerent countries on 6m, but I didn’t bother to work any. Mostly I was listening and also calling on 70 MHz band. I heard almost all day weak signals fading rapidly. This evening, when I was very concentrated at soldering the LCD bus for the frequency counter I had to make a pause and work EA6VQ on 4m. Than, I heard him and EA6SA also around 144.300MHz for some minutes.

YO5PBG frequency counter

Later I worked G3LQR (70.210 CW) and heard other stns from UK.

On 4m my sigs where received also in Netherlands by PA2V – Peter. Unfortunately a two-way contact was impossible. TX is not permitted in this country.

And P.S. or Oh Yea’ Baby; My little beacon reported again:  1229 hb9dvh 50069.3 YO5PBG/B 599 KN17; JN36 (tnx info to YO4FYQ)