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YO5PBG Wavelenght

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Front panel dimmensions: 95 (L) x 70 (H) mm



Press release, March 27 2011 🙂

It is my great honnor as both PR Manager and the one who made this new project hapen in 1 week to let You take a look at this pictures showing the latest adition to my shack: the 70MHz transverter, the greatest ever made, of course!

Adrian – YO5PBG told us the following real shit:

As the one and only true real genious of all planets in the Solar System, I’m very glad that finally I’ll have the orgasmic oportunity to drink a lot of beer at the end of this weekend.


  • Dimmensions: 80(L)x35(H)x125(W) mm
  • Output power: 6.5W (effective RF power)
  • Double balanced mixer for both RX and TX
  • Low Noise and >10dB Receiver gain
  • Input power: max. 1mW
  • One port for IF and switching

Now, enjoy the gallery (click to enlarge images)

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(click to enlarge images)

I will update this list as projects are upgraded/finished! – Last updade: March 29, 2011

1. Mini-transverter for 50MHz: 4~5W output power, 1mW IF  input, >10dB RX gain (DONE)

2. Mini-transverter for 70MHz: >7W output power, 1mW RF input, >10dB RX gain (case and schematic has been made DONE – March 26, 2011)

3. Mini-Transceiver for transverters (portable operating): >1mW TX, min 0.5uV RX sensitivity, min. 400KHz VFO span, microcontroller based digital counter, 94×70 mm front size (IN PROGRESS, today started with the aluminium case, IF/AF unit and some other units already made)

4. Noise Blanker for 6m YO5PBG Transceiver from 2000, V 4.0 (made, tested, to be inserted) — DONE march 8, 2011

5. All mode, HF/VHF/UHF transceiver V.2.0 (need to make new smaller units – 2m unit has now new schematic and PCB made) —- project in  stand by until April 2011

6. 2m portable Yagi antenna

7. Improving the new project AMC-1 (with new units like RF and AF generators, dummy loads for 50/75 ohms, antenna analyzer, DSB RX for modulation quality tests etc. —– not a priority but it should be (UPGRADED March 28-29 2011 with AF Monitor, DBM Mixer for RF monitoring and 1KHz Signal Generator)

8. 1296/144MHz transverterdon’t make it a priority!

9. 40~50V Power Supply for HF/50MHz Solid State PA (almost done) — high priority

10. FT901DM new improvements (replace old trimmers, remake adjustments, implement automatics for the new second VFO, implement automatics for controlling  up to 5 transverters) ——  low priority!


(D ONECategory: 432 MHz, Single operator 432 MHz

Pl. Call Name Score QSO Aver. Locator AWL ODX QRB Power Antenna
1 YO2LAM RAICOV SLAVOLIUB 21362 82 260,5 KN05PS 100 OL4A 788 200W 4X21 el. F9FT E
2 YO7CKQ NIMARA SORIN DAVID 14802 54 274,1 KN05TO 311 OK2A 836 75W 19 elem F9FT E
3 YO7LBX BALAN FLORIN 14117 59 239,3 KN05TO ? OK2M 739 70W YAGI 25EL E
4 HA8V PAPP GABOR 13682 76 180 KN06HT 85 OK2A 690 75W 4x23el. K1FO E
5 HG5BVK VISKY KAROLY 13369 96 139,3 JN97LF 106 OL4A 547 100W 19 elem F9FT E
6 HA7AVU FERENC HALMAGYI 10690 105 101,8 JN87JN 120 YO7LBX 429 90W 2x 30 elements long yagi E
7 YO3DDZ SERBANESCU DAN 9363 21</td!3E 445,9 KN34AN 240 OM5KM 729 100W 8x38el E
8 YO5PLD LINGVAY DANIEL 8042 20 402,1 KN34AN 240 OM5KM 729 50W 8*38 el E
9 YO2LHD IACOB MARIUS 8013 41 195,4 KN05XR 200 OL3Z 732 30W 2x15ele DJ9BV E
10 YO5AVN LINGVAY IOSIF 7161 17 421,2 KN34CK 240 OM5KM 748 50W 21el E
11 YO2QC PETERFFY EUGEN 6093 26 234,3 KN15SI ? S50C 686 20W dk7zb 23el E
12 YO6XK BUTA ANDREI 5710 27 211,5 KN15SI ? S50C 686 20W dk7zb 23el E
13 YO6PNM NAICU MARIUS-IOAN 5664 27 209,8 KN15SI ? S50C 686 20W YAGI 24 El. E
14 YO2LLZ EPARU ADRIAN MANUEL 5260 28 187,9 KN05OS 90 S50C 499 20W 23 el DK7ZB E
15 YO2MBG HEGYI VILMOS 1752 15 116,8 KN06QE ? HA7P 272 50W triostar E
16 YO5OST CENUSA CONSTANTIN 1591 13 122,4 KN16NH ? YU1EV 300 20W yagi 11 elementi E
17 YO5DAS CHIS MIHAI DANUT 1042 8 130,2 KN17DO ? OM3I 254 20W DK7ZB E
18 YP2W MAGDA DORIN LUCIAN 652 4 163 KN05OS ? OM1DK 353 50W DK7ZB E
19 YO5BEU IRIMIE IACOB 464 5 92,8 KN27GD 27 UR7D 227 E
20 YO3JW FENYO STEFAN 215 3 71,7 KN35FC ? YO5AVN 77 100W ? E
21 YO2LCP LAIU CRISTINEL 91 1 91 KN15AD 1450 YO2LAM 91 200W 4×27 loop E

So after making the freakin’ small 50MHz transverter, now I made a second VFO for my FT901DM transceiver.
Actually it is not anymore FT901DM because it lacks some things:
– lamps :-), replaced by a push pull transistorised amp.
– High voltage transformer, replaced by a 12V connector
– 25kg weight replaced with 5kg
– lot of iron replaced by alluminium, of course
– lot of current draw for nothing
– the memory unit – replaced now by the second VFO
– the nonexisting transverter I/O -replaced already in 2010 with one 🙂
The second VFO has three transistors, and 7 varicaps: 6 (3+3 back to back or front to front or whateve’)
for tuning and one for fine tuning or RIT. Drift free and Hartley design with FET oscillator.

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Yesterday I made a noise blanker. The only one I’ve made.
You may find that very few homebrew transceiver designs have this option, an option that may be of much more importance than the AGC for example.

My NB PCB is about 30×20 mm (click to enlarge)

Noise Blanker

Noise Blanker

From my new location, where I use just a vertical “balcony” antenna at the moment, I was very surprised of the amount of noise (just above 59!!! on my S’Meter) on 28, 50 or 144MHz that apears every day, at random hours, without regard of season. I never realised that I could get rid of this electrical noise that mask completely even very good CW or SSB signals.

And another picture, the noise blanker and the PCB for a little varicap controlled VFO that I’ve “painted” also yesterday  (click to enlarge)


At least! The Mizuho style noise blanker did it! Only three transistors some fast Schottky or Germanium small signal diodes in this simple and efficient design!
And it is driven with 10,7MHz IF (in Yaesu designs, you need another two stages: a mixer and a local oscillator for converting the IF to 455KHz).

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(click to enlarge)

YO5PBG 6m transverter (prototype design)