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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

So, I was fascinated by electronics since I was 8-9 years old. I loved “spying activities” — James Bond movies… I made my first micro-spying-transmitters experiments at 10-11 years.

Then I begun to be fascinated by that interesting people that talks by radio at long distances. I did not understand from the begining why they are so “idiots” to use telegraphy (CW or Morse Code) for conversations when telephony was already at there disposal. After a while I was also one of those “idiots” :-).

At 15-16 years I enterned in the YO5KAD radioclub and received big support from Bobby – YO5OEF (the chief, he also teached me military style CW 🙂 ).

Little bit later I was licenced (class III, beginner) in Amateur Radio, at 17 years I obtained romanian class II (class I CEPT) and a year later, at 18 y.o. I had romanian class I / Advanced category.

I was already a fair good CW transmitter, but I was a bit afraid about receiving morse code. I learned it in a VHF contest when I was sitting at the station along with the operator. After a while he was so drunk, he was unable to continue. So, with fear I started CQ-ing and I was forced by the situation to listen by my own and copy the callsigns!

I was also 15-16 years old when I started to design and make my own CW-SSB tranceivers on HF and 2 meters. I never liked stupid-unstable-bloated transceivers published in our romanian magazines.

I was 18 y.o. when I made my first and my most dear one for the time, a 50MHz CW-SSB 2W transceiver wich gave me big satisfaction. Anyway no usable schematic was available in the Romanian Amateur Radio publication. And I had no Internet until much later. I knew very little about 50MHz band, because almost nobody worked in this band in Romania, it was a new one for YO. Using a dipole, I worked all Europe and countrys in Asia, Africa, USA, Australia. About 100 countries in 2 years of work after school hours. My mother was furious, but understood me when I was disturbing her prefered  TV channel (transmitting on CH1 – 49MHz) or because I was still not at sleep late in the nights when the big F and ES openings showed in 2000 – 2001 :-).

(To be continued)


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