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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

The last weeks where very strange in quite good ways for me, but also bad for my amateur radio activities. Lack of time or no time for interest in my hobby made me unable to move anything in this field.

But things will rearange in the next days or weeks and I hope to make the next ones before the end of 2011:

– 70MHz 25W experimental PA  (used this year) to be recreated in a more “industrial style”

– 70cm Transverter to be modified/ moved in  a new aluminium box

– HF+50MHz push pull PA or 2m 100W/12V PA project with 2x2SC2630 to be started

– analyze and improvement of all y actual transverters for 50/70/144/432MHz

– final improvementsof the minitransceiver for transverters

I think it is enough.

For 2012:

– finishing 40~50V Power Supply for HF PA

– new HF/VHF antennas (hope for a good multiband VHF Yagi)

– rotator direction automation

– putting up antennas

– all-mode all-band HF-VHF-UHF transceiver design improvements and implementation

– little QRP transceiver, ultrasimple at low voltage supply, ultralight, for portable beer operations 🙂 — when I cannot carry bigger equipements with the bike

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