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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

In the last weeks I was very busy helping a newbie in radio field, a nice boy, to get his licence in Electronics, so we made a home made repeater for 2m in record time from A to almost Z. It is  functional but needs  a power amplifier.

Propagation on 4m was almost absent here, also on 6m last weeks but I also was maybe in lack off time to fully test this bands potential.

After having a GP, than some kind of half wave vertical than an horizontal dipole at 1,5m in front of my window I’ve decided to try something else.

With the horizontal dipole it worked well but only exclusively on 4m and only on some limited paths. I mean I worked a bunch of G / ON stations on June 27, 2011.

Than rapidly decided to try a 5/8 wavelenght vertical. I put a 2,5 m vertical radioator made from 1m / 0,5m aluminium tubes, and the 1,5m horizontal boom as “counterpoise”. Also as counterpoises i used 2 more 30cm long aluminium tubes that you can find in laser  printers. The matching coil was made in the most simple way, without tap. This way this antenna gives some efficiency also on 6m and HF. I made the coil based on empiric calculations, but it demonstrated very low SWR at least on 70MHz (1,5:1 max.) and more than 3:1 on 6m and HF.


So I worked sporadicly but look at this:

– after finishing the antenna  and without propagation on 4m i worked with 25W on 14MHz with poor propagation some stations who gaved me 559-579,answering me from the first call. I also worked a QRP station.(UA, PA, DL, SM)

– on 6meters looks like it is better than a 1/4 wl vertical dedicated for 50MHz. Wow! I worked a new one if i don;t have it already (A45XR)

– on 2m it doesn’t work… as I’ve seen until now. I think the coil acts like a choke.

– I worked for fun in IARU HF 2011 for three hours, made 85 QSO / QRP  with european stations but also from Africa and Asia. Worked well not just on 20m but also on 15m and 10m bands with the same 70MHz antenna :-).

– on 4m few openings but worked 2 new DXCC’s: Mike – SV5BYR and today Tony – GW8ASD.

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