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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

A nice sunny day until I packed all necesary things except one of the most important — the Keyer. The clouds arived just when with my friend Zsolt — YO5PCP started in a little search for a nice – opened location near my town (Baia Mare), good for VHF portable operating this summer (see the photo album below). Of course we have a lot of very nice views near, but with pure luck we discovered this one (in the images below) at only about 8km away from my base location.

I was prepared with the little CW-SSB transceiver that I’ve created some days ago for use with transverters, a 12V-7Ah gell battery, transverters for 50MHz and 70MHz and a vertical aluminium antena mounted on a tripod at about 2 meters above ground.

I was dissapointed to hear some stations from Israel on 6m (CW) and not to have the precious keyer around.

Than, with a booming SSB signal apeared on the band Mike, SV5BYR. I called him just with about 3-4watts, with the antenna in a random position (as we where preparing to go), in hands of Zsolt. We exchanged a short report.

This was just a search, just a little test (half hour). We can get here easy by bikes, with “easy” load… Equipement and antenna are about 5kg weight and the beer 2,5 ~ 5Kg too.No other stuff needed.

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