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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

FSK beacons are fantastic and useless sometimes. Having constant carrier may be usefull for RF preamps alignment. Also this beacons have a very musical sound and I always enjoy Jean Michel Jarre not only on my Technics Hi-Fi speakers but also on 6m or 4m. Otherwise when trying to copy them if the signal is very weak it takes tens of minutes to guess what’s the callsign.

Now, the basic CW (A1A) beacons that transmit an unusual long dash between messages are very hard to find within  a VHF spectrum crowded with hundreds of “birdies” flying from my LCD display (that I close everytime I do a band scan!), my neighbor computer or other digital equipments or bad CATV cabling. A very long dash is also good when QSB is just “excellent” and the only thing that you miss is the important… short message .

I may be the only one with this problems, because I’m special. 🙂


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