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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

I woke early… about 8.00 UTC :-). Than I made the PCB (design, painting, drilling etc.) for a new digital counter for my new 10m CW-SSB portable Transceiver for Transverters. I’m redesigning some units because I’ve just cut the box about 30% :-)).

Than I begun to solder the wires… But I did the mistake to look at the cluster. All the signs were positive that today I’ll see some nice propagation on VHF.

YO5PBG frequency counter

I heard difrerent countries on 6m, but I didn’t bother to work any. Mostly I was listening and also calling on 70 MHz band. I heard almost all day weak signals fading rapidly. This evening, when I was very concentrated at soldering the LCD bus for the frequency counter I had to make a pause and work EA6VQ on 4m. Than, I heard him and EA6SA also around 144.300MHz for some minutes.

YO5PBG frequency counter

Later I worked G3LQR (70.210 CW) and heard other stns from UK.

On 4m my sigs where received also in Netherlands by PA2V – Peter. Unfortunately a two-way contact was impossible. TX is not permitted in this country.

And P.S. or Oh Yea’ Baby; My little beacon reported again:  1229 hb9dvh 50069.3 YO5PBG/B 599 KN17; JN36 (tnx info to YO4FYQ)


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