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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

As I’ve told you before I have some antenna location problems and of course lot of frustrations because of this.
Today I’ve replaced the mounting next to my window, “upgraded” with a longer suporting aluminium tube from 1 to 1,5 meters long. Also much reliable to powerfull winds.

Next, i will replace the 1.5m vertical (L/4 @ 50MHz) with about 2m long vertical (L/2 @ 70MHz) as I will concentrate this year for this new band. But, of course, it will work on other bands of interest too by using the extraterestrial design that I created with my ultra-extra-super-sexy-mind when I was sleeping. See the beautifull coloured picture painted in oil with my very own hands!

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