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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

I think I had a good start this year. I was more practical, I concentrated my attention much better on finishing project by project, not as I wanted in 2009 or 2010 after of a 4-5 years pause as I was QSY in Bucharest for work and it was impossible for me to do anything about amateur radio. So  in the past two years I wanted to do everything in a day and finished with kind of a mess. I made big steps forward but not as I wanted.

End of 2010 and begining of 2011 showed a lot more mature way of “radio-thinking” for me.

From the begining of 2011 I made fast from ZERO two transverters, a transceiver, several improvements to my shack and also started back to work in the bands from a local club, in local contests. Unfortunatelly I Still have’nt put up the antennas, and I’m still unsure about… this year. But 2011 also started with good news in this problem. Some guys offered me good place for antennas and hopefully I will operate from different locations. Of course, home sweet home is better…

I’ve lost contact with some guys that I  respected. Once I get strong words for nothing, sometimes based on the only fact that I’m still young.. I say goodbye.  I still have principles.

This year I intend to finish all homebrew projects and have some nice contacts from portable: the beautifull hills and mountains near my QTH – Baia Mare City (KN17SP). This year I want to work serioussly at least in a contest: IARU 6m, but only with QRP. Than, beginning with 2012 I will concentrate more and more on DX-ing, new bands, little freaky projects, maybe contesting usually /QRP.

Now for example, my atention will be directed to the remake/miniaturisation etc etc of my All mode – HF-VHF-UHF transceiver. At least…

This Year I’m also atracted by the ideea to publish some of my knoledge in RF, some articles. But beacause I already had a bad start with the romanian mag. (important info was not published, because of doing things on the run), I hope that fellows outside would be better partners.


Now a little bit about Romania, wich at the moment is a general chaos. Idiots are promoted, genious is enslaved. No law, directive etc. is respected by the goverment or anybody else. And heya, we are part of the EU. We have the highest prices in the EU for… refurbished foods and other goods and the lowest income. Economy is down. EU is blind, they see Romania only as a market.

Those who make absolutely nothing …. make a lot of money from nothing.

We have beautiful and very intelligent people, but nobody hears about them. The others, the vast majority is pushed to live in a low degree of knowledge. They are subconstiently forced to refuse enlightment. They aproach the level of stupidity that is not good even for porn films. Disrespect is at peaks.

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