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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

So after making the freakin’ small 50MHz transverter, now I made a second VFO for my FT901DM transceiver.
Actually it is not anymore FT901DM because it lacks some things:
– lamps :-), replaced by a push pull transistorised amp.
– High voltage transformer, replaced by a 12V connector
– 25kg weight replaced with 5kg
– lot of iron replaced by alluminium, of course
– lot of current draw for nothing
– the memory unit – replaced now by the second VFO
– the nonexisting transverter I/O -replaced already in 2010 with one 🙂
The second VFO has three transistors, and 7 varicaps: 6 (3+3 back to back or front to front or whateve’)
for tuning and one for fine tuning or RIT. Drift free and Hartley design with FET oscillator.


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