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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

Yesterday I made the schematic and also the PCB of my newest radio “thing”: hope — the smallest home made transverter for 6m (50MHz). It is about 10×10 cm and until now I already finished the RX/LO/BPF part. It has ultra-low noise, no mechanic relay, good sensitivity. Only classic components, no SMD!
For the transmitter part I expect 4 to 7 watts effective power. As soon as finish it i’ll post pictures.
It can work with 14 or 28 MHz transceiver (or other bands, but i only have crystals for these two).
I would really like to make a business from very little transverters and transceivers called microR… or something.

Now, i must put a page with beautiful links that I visit. Thats because i sometimens forget to save them and these are sometimes links that i harly find. I have about 300 tabs at every start of my Firefox blrowser… I  just pray not to disapear in a crash.


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