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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

S902 All Mode – HF-VHF-UHF Transceiver (prototype) is out of case. Out of its old aluminium case, of course. Now this is real chaos! Hope this “gipsy” child of mine should start a new and better life this winter in a lower size space. I’m a maniac!  In the image below you can almost see the folowing units: VFO and VFX (to be replaced with a hibrid PLL),  Power Supply protection / switching  (to be replaced with a smaller unit), IF/AF unit, 70cm and 2m transverters, 70cm and 2m PA’s (to be replaced with smaller units), programable frequency counter (to be replaced with MCU/LCD display unit), HF PA — also to be replaced by a smaller unit (like a bug, if possible), 50MHz IF2 unit, HF transverter etc.

(click to enlarge)


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