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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

So, once again, like always, i’m very busy.

An old friend of mine, that i met after about 5 years gave me a nice microcontroller, ATtiny2313, a 20 pin IC. He told me something about this unknown “black microboxes”. And convinced me. I was always afraid of them. Of microcontrollers. Instead of using ONE IC for the job I user more than 10 standard CMOS IC’s. At a bigger expense. Of course. Of course, I’m sometimes an idiot, not willig to go one step further for my good.

So thanks to my friend Eduard (Edy, non-ham) i already made my first two ATMEL MCU based projects based on ATTiny2313, in about 2 weeks. Almost simple: one IC, and other 3 components on the board to obtain – in my case – a beacon identifier or a nice frequency meter for testing my homebrew projects.

Otherwise, I’m once again frustrated of big boxes. I decided to move my All Mode – All Band  HF-VHF-UHF transceiver project really started about a year ago to a new, much more sexy, alluminium case. Three times smaller :-). What’s the problem? Doc’, i want to use this transceiver also for portable, when i travel with my bicycle some kilometres away from Baia Mare city, my QTH.


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