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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

Last week I made a new “big step” in terms of QRO-zing my QRP based shack. This time I moved from the 4-5 watts from my 144MHz transverter to better than 25Watts RF output by making a little (iPhone like dimmensions) 2 meters amplifier. I had an old SRFH 1057 Motorola transistor used in some Philips radiotelephones back in the ’90s.

Otherwise, I’ve also transformed my 2m transverter in terms of appearance. It was housed in an 200x50x100 mm box, now it is housed in an fully alluminium box 3 times smaller and sexy like Me, of course.

The last OTHERWISE is that i heard first stations on 70MHz band. TX is not 100% prepared right now. Stations are:

06/01/2010   16.19   SV5FOUR/B 559 KM46

06/07/2010   12.05   OZ6ZW 57  CALLING (I think it was OZ3ZW, but noted wrong in my log 🙂 )

06/07/2010   12.10   OZ7IGY   55   BEACON JO55WM

Also heard GB0BUX (hope this is the callsign) BEACON but did not logged this one. Was very “quiet”, down to 519 in my ears.

I have a lot of noise from unknown sources on 70MHz band, so it is very difficult for me to hear much.

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