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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

Last year I made a litlle experimental transverter from 50 to 70 MHz, but heard no station. I had also limited time to listen the band.

This year the new magic band is also ours. We (romanian amateurs) are able since now to operate 4m (70MHz) band with some kind of special aproval.

I already destroyde last year experimental transverter (HI!) – and I forgot this. So I’m taking it from ZERO.

Today I made another experimental TSVR, but only the receive converter this time, based on: FET oscillator on 20MHz, double balanced mixer, and a little amplifier with bipolar transistor BFX89. A very very simple aproach. It was too late when I finished it (it seems that is working – it “feels” the antenna). Hope tomorrow propagation will help.

Otherwise, I heard loud today ST2AR (Sudan) on 6m, but I don’t know if I did work him, because I have a lot of QRN (static on my vertical), and I’m not quite sure that it was really my callsign that I heard back from him :(. No problem, I have a new girl exciting my senses… 70MHz!


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