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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

I wanted to give it a try becase of the booming signals in 20 meters received Saturday  on my little “balcony” vertical antenna (2,75 m :-)).  I was able to work better USA  stations than Russian stations from the European side HI!  Mostly CW, but also some nice SSB contacts, almost all on 14MHz. I worked only for about 8-10 hours, total time. Only a very few stations heard (also worked), today, on 21MHz.  Nothing on 10 meters.


  • 14MHz CW: 81 QSO, 185 Pts., 18 Cty.
  • 14MHz USB: 24 QSO, 49 Pts., 4Cty.
  • 21MHz: 5 QSO, 10 Pts., 2 Cty.
  • Total: 110 QSO, 244 Pts., 24 Cty
  • Score: 5.856

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