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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

UPDATE: I didn’t manage to wake up early today, so I worked only for an hour. Like yesterday I was only on 14MHz / CW. A total of 57 PA stations from 11 districts in 3 hours of activity this weekend, using the long callsign YO5PBG/QRP :-).

Three days ago I started having fun on HF from my base location where I don’t have else than a little 2,75 meters “balcony antenna” made by me. I never measured its SWR :-). It works, also in QRP.

Because of the magnificent openings after the solar flux had the latest Cycle 24 records, I was able to work on 20 and 15 m bands, CW and SSB not only europeans but also some stations located in USA, Africa and Asia.

Today afternoon, as I was sitting at my computer talking with friends, I heard on my transceiver (located a little bit away, in the shack) some TEST  CQ’s. A lot of stations from PA where calling loud enough! I googled about PACC and decided to give it a try.

With as much as 5watts, a mobile antenna very close to my window I was able to work about 50 stations in two hours. I’m very very glad if I take a look at my actual conditions :-). What I did heard I did also worked. Than propagation has been lost on 14MHz, and its harder for me in 7MHz or lower, so I decided to work only on 20m. I will continue for another 2 hours tomorow.

About the vertical antenna it is made from aluminium tubes. From bottom to top: one 0,5m long (10 mm diameter) element conected to a coil (about 20 turns, CuEm 0,9, 10 mm diameter), than three other elements  (0,5m – 10 mm diam. tube plus 1m of 8mm diam. tube and a 0,75 m – 6mm diammeter rod).

I already used this antenna for some contacts on 50MHz in this january E-sporadic season, on 14MHz, 21MHz and 28MHz bands. Yesterday I also made a QSO with a german station on 7MHz band 🙂

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