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YO5PBG Wavelenght

Amateur Radio, QRP, Home Made

Thanks to Bobby – YO5OEF who convinced me to work in this contest.  I not only worked for the first time with my own callsign in a CQ test, but I also made my first contacts on 1,8MHz band:  more than 500 qso’s and 55 countries in less than 20 hours of operating time.

For logging I used N1MM software, VE7CC for cluster and the keyer…. not the keys for transmitting CW as i like much more to use my fingers for this activity :-P.

Unfortunately, I was unable to do much more because of the incredible high level of noise on the Inverted V. Antenna. The noise blanker was absolutely ineffective for this 59+ level of noise. Thats why I was unable to hear DX stations, especialy from far Asia, Africa or America. Otherwise I was very glad to be heard quickly by any station that I’ve heard. I worked only one or two Japanese stations and about three from USA.

The noise made me extreemly sleepy and fatique.

After working mostly QRP in every other HF, on 6m and 2m, on 70cm and 23 cm, I never thought that a medium wave band like 160m could be so interesting. It has everything that you encounter in HF, VHF and UHF. A very strange and fascinating band.

About QRP, I’m glad that the only QRP station heard and worked by me, HA8BE/QRP had strong – QRO like signal. HI, I thing he will win his category. Nice job.

I was glad that from my County (MM – Maramures) we where 3 stations active, maybe more than in other counties in Romania, in a range of 10km away from Baia Mare City from where I was working (YR5N Bobby Jr. – YO5PBF 🙂 and Miki YO5AJR) where also active but I believe with less noise because they are located outside the city.

Bobby Jr. – YO5PBF or YR5N is fascinated by 160m band like I am by the other “Magic Band” – the 50MHz band. He has now a beautifull set of good antennas for 1,8MHz. He is one of the best 160m ops in YO.

I was glad to work with YO2IS – not a DX, but one of the most complex HAMs in Romania: the first romanian working EME on 144MHz and 432MHz (as far I  know), also fascinated by the VLF. He is also one of those who make his own equipement. Just like me :-).

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